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Taylor Borton is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter, storyteller, and musician. Her distinct and eclectic vocal style and music effortlessly cross multiple genres incorporating the best of country, Americana, folk, and singer/songwriter. She pulls from each of these genres to create a rich, pure, and unique style of her own adding raw, real-life experiences to create the story behind her songs. Her voice is traditional yet seasoned with an edgy, contemporary flair. Borton credits John Prine, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, and singer/songwriter Lori McKenna as her biggest musical influences. Borton is an “old soul” with a young and charismatic spirit, and her songwriting is mature well beyond her years.


Borton recognized her passion for music early on and realized that a music career was her calling. Her parents always had traditional music playing and although they were not musically inclined, that is where she developed her love for that sound. She was always singing, whether in the car, or her bedroom, and would buy CDs to sing along with whenever she could. Throughout elementary school, Borton began writing poems and stories. At age 12, her parents bought her first guitar and when she would accompany herself, the strength of her voice gave her confidence and determination to pursue her dream. Every year, she and her family would choose where they wanted to visit for their family vacations, and she would always choose Nashville. Finally, at age 14, her wish came true and she not only made it to Nashville but also attended a show at the world-famous Grand Ole Opry where she saw Vince Gill and a host of other country entertainers and legends. That was a game-changer. Later that same year, she also invested in a Taylor Guitar (which she still plays). By age 15, Borton began to write down her own stories for everyone to hear and was putting them to music. In her free time, she mentored students at a local music store and played at restaurants and clubs through high school graduation. During multiple trips to Nashville over the years, she eventually met and dated a boy from there and although the relationship ended, it opened many doors for the young artist, including an introduction to the school that Borton would soon be attending.


At age 19, Borton decided to follow her musical dreams, leaving her hometown of Youngstown, Ohio to head south to "Music City,'' where she attended and graduated from The Blackbird Academy, with a degree in audio engineering. The Blackbird Academy is founded by Recording and Live Sound Engineer, John McBride and his wife, country superstar Martina McBride. It is world-renowned both as one of the finest schools in its field, as well as a top production stop for iconic recording artists including Taylor Swift, Jack White, The Black Keys, Rush, Keith Urban, and Queen. This provided a solid foundation for Borton and also helped her in networking and growing her circle.


Since her move to Nashville, Borton has been creating a buzz among industry professionals and fans alike. In 2020, she released her debut single, “Give A Damn” which captures her true spirit and independence. It was featured upon release on Radio Sobro's NuMu Friday and she has since released four additional singles, "Native," "If I Was London," "Glove Box Lighter," and "My Opry." Her new single, "Lyrics In My Head," is also the title track of her new EP, which will be released on August 4th. The project is self-written and self-produced. The single is both haunting and compelling, sharing an important and relatable universal message. "I’m very independent and am most of the time my own motivator. This song took me to an inspirational place reminding me to listen to my “gut” ... in other words, the lyrics. Don’t beat yourself up over things you can’t control," Borton reflects. Her songs are all very relatable and although she writes from her own personal experiences and raw emotion, her intention is to express those feelings that others may also be feeling but are unable to express in order to heal. Borton recognizes the biggest reward - the impact that her music has on others. She wants to make a difference through the power of her music... one song at a time.


When Borton is not writing, she can be found performing at Nashville's finest venues and music festivals across the southeast and the midwestern U.S. Some of the more recent festivals include American Roots Festival, Franklin Main Street Festival, Tennessee Motorcycles & Music Revival at Loretta Lynn's Dude Ranch, and Water Lantern Festival - all setting the stage for her biggest goal - to tour and perform around the world. With her talent, drive, and determination, Taylor Borton’s dream is destined to become a reality.

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