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"Taylor Borton's song, 'Lyrics In My Head,' is a personal and relatable tune that inspires the listener to make sense of the messages of our hearts and minds in the good times and the bad. A well-written and encouraging work. Well done, Taylor!"

-Kyle Creamer, Co-Founder, Radio SoBro

"The new single, 'Lyrics In My Head,' from Taylor Borton takes you back to what I grew up on! It's a two-stepping dance hall tune and has such a 90s country feel. Terrific new single! Fresh and just what traditional country fans will enjoy."

-Brandon Morrell, The Backstage Pass Powered by The Sports Guys Podcast

"Taylor Borton listens to the 'Lyrics In her Head' and the voice in her heart as she walks the artist path and puts her voice and her dreams out into the world to see where it will lead."

-Sheree Spoltore, President/Founder, Global Songwriters Connection

"I have been a fan of Taylor Borton since the first time I saw her perform at Commodore Grille in Nashville. Her new song, 'Lyrics In My Head,' is a reminder to us all to listen to our inner voice. She brings home the point with remarkable lyrics like 'don't beat yourself up, it's a fight you can't win.' She tells us to stay strong when you think you're walking the line and the line walks all over you. Taylor brings it all home with a great groove, melody, and a voice that deserves to be heard!"

- Dave Lenahan, Host, The Songwriter Connection Podcast

Taylor Borton is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter, and musician. She began performing at age 14, anywhere from bars to house shows to music festivals. She’s known for her honest storytelling, unique voice and ‘Bob Dylan’ style harmonica, promoting her Americana roots.  She has shared the stage with hit songwriters including Jan Buckingham, Terri Jo Box and more. Her catalog stems from playing Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, to selling out intimate full band showcases, and releasing her first EP.  From interviews with WKRN’s award-winning Meaghan Thomas, radio 104.3 Miss Margie’s Country Classic Hour, Indie Country Radio and more.  “Fresh and just what traditional country fans will enjoy,” stated in reviews from Radio Sobro’s co-founder Kyle Creamer, Brandon Morrell with Backstage Pass, Songwriters Podcast host Dave Lenahan and Global Songwriters Connection founder Sheree Spoltore. 


Borton credits John Prine, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, and singer/songwriter Lori McKenna as her biggest musical influences. Borton is an “old soul” with a young and charismatic spirit, and her songwriting is mature well beyond her years.

In 2019, Borton decided to follow her musical dreams, leaving her hometown of Youngstown, Ohio to head south to "Music City,'' where she attended and graduated from The Blackbird Academy, with a degree in audio engineering. The Blackbird Academy is founded by Recording and Live Sound Engineer, John McBride and his wife, country superstar Martina McBride. It is world-renowned both as one of the finest schools in its field, as well as a top production stop for iconic recording artists including Taylor Swift, Jack White, The Black Keys, Rush, Keith Urban, and Queen.

Since her move to Nashville, Borton has been creating a buzz among industry professionals and fans alike. In 2020, she released her debut single and music video, “Give A Damn” which captures her true spirit and independence. It was featured upon release on Radio Sobro's NuMu Friday and she has since released multiple singles.


"Lyrics In My Head," the title track of her latest EP, is self-written and self-produced, along with "Glove Box Lighter," "My Opry," and "Lovin When It's Leavin." The single is both haunting and compelling, sharing an important and relatable universal message. "I’m very independent and am most of the time my own motivator. This song took me to an inspirational place reminding me to listen to my “gut” ... in other words, the lyrics. Don’t beat yourself up over things you can’t control."  Borton recognizes the biggest reward - the impact that her music has on others. 

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My Opry
Lovin When It's Leavin
Glove Box Lighter
Lyrics In My Head
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Dec. 29th, 2023

Country artist, Youngstown-area native returns to valley in WKBN highlight

"The Nashville singer also writes song, plays the guitar and harmonica."


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